How to Write Professional Essays

If you’re looking to create a high-quality essay take a look at these crucial suggestions. First, you must find suitable materials that will help you compose your essay. It is then time to select a subject that you are comfortable with. This makes writing simpler as well as more engaging. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the goal you intend to convey in the paper. It could vary that tells a story or informing your audience. Knowing what you want readers to know is essential for writing a quality paper.

Professional format

Professionally-written essays should be prepared according to certain guidelines. The essay must be printed on standard paper that is double spaced. The paper should have the page header as well as a running head, which are used to identify the page. Professional papers should include the author’s name, title, name as well as page numbers. Page headers must be flush with the left, and the title should be centred. The run head should not over 50 characters with spacing.

The structure of an professional essay follows an MLA, APA, or Chicago style guide. While style guidelines might differ, the basic outline of an essay remains consistent. It is preferred to use Times New Roman font, However, different formats could use. It is essential that the font size not exceed one-inch and margins no smaller than 1 inch. This ensures that your essay is as professional-looking as possible.

The use of templates is an additional method to prevent formatting errors. Templates created for Microsoft Word have the correct formats, layouts, and layouts. The template allows you to quickly build a new document by selecting the template. A template will also preserve your original document intact. This will save you time and prevent mistakes. You can also pay an expert essay writing service to format your text properly. The text you write can be edited and checked by them.

Another crucial tip for essay writing is citing sources. Make sure you cite your sources every time you refer to something in your essay. Be aware that plagiarism is a serious offense when it comes to writing. it is not a good idea to copy someone other’s work. You must cite them by the name of the author as well as the publication date. Be sure to include a page or the number of paragraphs. Follow the format your teacher gave you to correctly cite a source.

Personal qualities of professional essayists

It can be difficult to locate an essay writer who is qualified. Since not all writers are proficient in producing top-quality work, this makes it difficult to locate a reputable essay writer. Therefore, you should ensure that you perform your diligence before you hire the writer. The best essayists are well educated and are awarded higher degrees from reputed institutions. Below are a few examples of the qualities they possess:

They’re not satisfied with their current situation. They’re always seeking out more about their skills and spend time in learning from the best. They are never satisfied with their current skills and always seek to improve their own. In training, professional essay writers ensure that their abilities don’t diminish. Their tools are always updated by new techniques and abilities. They are always looking for innovative ideas to enhance their writing abilities.

In addition, professional essayists pay at the finer details. Small mistakes can undermine their creative abilities. They must ensure that their work is free of errors in order to maintain high quality. Therefore, it is essential to be attentive to details. The desire to read is an essential quality that a skilled essayist must possess. A writer’s passion for writing and reading must be evident throughout their work. Without this, creative ideas will not take off.

The second reason is that professional essay writers are trustworthy. Essay writers who are professional are trusted due to their dedication and manage their work. They are well-versed and expertise in all types of academic subjects. Every type of writing project will be dealt with by these experts. Their topics range in topics ranging from English literature and computer science. They also know how to follow academic writing styles and formats. The ability to write engaging documents that keep readers engaged is another skill they have. They also have strong vocabulary and creative thinking.

Samples of professional essays on the internet

Sample essays can give students complete guidance on the topic and writing style. Students may get inspiration by the essays they have read and create their own distinctive writing styles. However, these essays can’t be presented for evaluation by teachers or professors. Instead, students may use the essays to develop their writing skills , and to improve their writing abilities. There are several examples of writing essays that you can get on the internet. We advise you to go through them thoroughly before deciding to purchase an essay through the writing services. This type of service has many benefits.

Students who are looking to enroll in a good professional school should start by reading sample essays online. They can be quite particular and could contain personal or controversial issues. The Internet has more professional essay examples on the Internet than in an academic textbook. Most medical schools require two separate applications: for example, the American Medical College Application Service and a personal essay. Professional schools also need multiple essays as part of the process for applying, including law and business.

Upload additional documents to some sites for processing your order. Personal accounts allow users to make new purchases. You can also access personalized promotions, like discount coupons via your own account. The benefits of these accounts are well worth a try. If you employ master essay writing services an essay writing service to compose your essay, you’ll be able to be sure that the finished item will not have mistakes. They’re dedicated in making your life easy and to delivering high-quality writing each time.

Online essay samples have many advantages, but you must be aware. Certain companies are out to earn profit. Many companies are fraudsters however, not all are legitimate. Some of them have samples on their sites some are even trying to rival fully-fledged database samples. Be aware, check out customer reviews , and take care prior to purchasing an essay. If you’re seeking examples of essays written by professionals and you’ve landed in the right site.

Essay topics for the academic essay

Argumentative essays are common assignments. Students in high school and colleges will often be required to write argumentative essays. A well-written essay can aid in getting better marks as well as improve your profile. Persuasive essays must be backed up with strong arguments and proof. A piece on the 2008 economy could also address the effects of science fiction or comic books on our society. You might also consider how climate change impacts on our environment and agriculture.

The political climate in the United States is rapidly changing which means that more immigrants must have equally rights. The fake news and reality television will have a major effect on our society and can also alter the political climate. A greater diversity of films and television shows can make an impact on society. This is why the United States should make English the national language of the United States. The students in the elementary school must be able to use their cell phones. Everyone American citizens should complete one year of community service. The right to control births should not be restricted to teenage girls. Youngsters who are violently convicted must be considered adults.

Writing prompts for professional essays

Writing prompts for essays is the best way to assist you get started writing your professional papers. Most prompts ask for you to write a specific type of essay, including a reflection of your personal experience or an analysis. The prompt can help you develop ideas and allow you to express yourself objectively and in a way that is personal. Many of these prompts will include specific words that should be adhered to in writing essays. Some prompts don’t clarify the purpose or contains directive phrases. The students can review all the prompts and determine the type of essay that most closely matches your needs.

When selecting a prompt remember that the purpose of writing is to develop an argument, therefore the essay format that you write should reflect this. Writing prompts that provide enough details and clear goal will make it easier to write your essay. Writing prompts like these will help you practice the thesis statement. These writing exercises will allow students develop solid thesis statements. A thesis statement can be a crucial part of any essay. It will help you remain on the right track and provide your audience a sense that you’re trying convey.

Writing prompts are a fantastic approach to kick off your writing, especially when you’re writing for the first time. The prompt isn’t necessarily the first linebut rather an initial point of departure. If you have at least 30 minutes, you can take a prompt and use it as an essay prompt. This way, you can begin to work on your essay long before you sit down to start writing. It is also possible to use it as a basis for free writing if it is hard for you.

How to Find a Reputable Custom College Essay Writing Service

If you’re a student, you’ve probably considered the advantages from using a customized university essay service. In this article, we’ll address some of the most common write my essays reviews questions about this type of service, ranging from cost as well as reputation and freebies. In the end you’ll have an comprehension of paper writing service MasterPapers the value of these services, and also how to choose the best option for you. This will put you on the way to finding customized college essays.

Concerns about customizing essays to be used in college

There are many questions that must be addressed prior to making your purchase regardless of whether looking for an inexpensive essay writer or professional writers. There are many reasons why people turn to these businesses to help them, such as cheap prices, years of experience, and a guarantee of quality. Aside from that you are able to interact directly with the writer via a special messaging system. It is easy to add additional information about your order to receive assistance from specialists.

The cost of hiring a college essay writing service could seem prohibitive to some students. A large portion of students suffer from financial hardship. Yet, a reliable essay writing service is able to provide quality essays without spending the earth. If you are search for a custom professional to write your college essays these are the most frequently asked concerns. These questions can help you find the perfect one. The best attorney to select is one who respects the privacy of your clients.

Timing: Though the majority of colleges essay companies promise to deliver at a given time, there’s some businesses that miss deadlines. If your deadline is more than one week away it could be an issue. In order to avoid this situation, check the reputation of the writing services which you are considering. If you’re considering a service that offers an indefinite deadline should be avoided. It could be as long as fifteen days prior to your deadline or as long as seven. If you’re uncertain about this, don’t hesitate to call the customer service department of their company, which is available round-the-clock.

An essay doesn’t come easy many hours of study as well as reading are needed in order to write a good essay. It is essential to organize your essay, write it, and format the paper correctly and satisfy the professor’s expectations. The process can also be nerve-wracking if this is your first time writing any longer papers before. There are, however, many methods to get rid of this stress for anyone who is a student or researcher.


If you’re struggling with college essay writing and are looking for a reliable essay writing service, EssayTerritory is a great place to start. EssayTerritory provides affordable pricing on documents from high school all the way to Ph.D. levels. Prices are customizable and you can input the length of your essay to determine how much it would cost to get the paper written. EssayTerritory personnel assign you to someone with the skills required to complete your project. EssayTerritory authors will submit your written research project on the stipulated deadline. You can request revisions within 10 days following the date when you have received your research paper.

Qualitative is the top thing for a custom essay writing firm. Even though prices cannot be fixed and can vary between services and providers, guaranteeing is the most reliable evidence of trustworthiness. The guarantees protect the client from issues including late deliveries or deadlines that are missed, as well as plagiarism. This service is more than the cost you pay However, you should take note of the extra benefits to make your time with the company as positive as you can. In the end, you’ll enjoy confidence that your paper is going to be completed to the most exacting quality standards.

Remember these tips when selecting an essay service for college. It is important to make sure that your essays are written by professional writers with college qualifications. Make sure they pass a rigorous testing process before employing them. This helps you to stay clear of the possibility of plagiarism. Another thing to think about is the timeframe. Writing services can aid you in saving time as well as become more productive. It will go more smoothly should the essay writer meets the deadline.


You should read all guarantees prior to hiring custom college essay writers. Though these warranties may differ from website to site but they’re an effective evidence of the reliability and commitment to customer service. It’s also possible to determine if the business offers guarantee for the delivery of late or inadequate quality. It is possible to claim refunds if you are not completely satisfied with the work.

The real-time feedback of customers is crucial for a great review site. The company might have shut the doors to its customers because there’s no feedback section. It is possible to leave feedback about the services if they have one. If you’ve experienced a negative encounter, share it as honestly as possible. Be sure to not leave negative feedback when there’s no other alternative.

A high-quality writing service that enjoys an a stellar standing is is a top-quality writer service with an outstanding name and a stellar reputation. Many students leave reviews on their experiences with The company’s writers have high qualifications and are meticulous, that results in top-quality papers. Students can also benefit from affordable prices. If you’re stressed over your essay demands, this firm is here to help. The writers are able to write top-quality papers in three hours If you’re trying to get into college fast.

Also, it is important to read over the refund policy. Most custom essay writing companies are able to resolve issues following the completion of the task. Make sure you know exactly the value you’re getting for your money. If the company isn’t up to your standards then you may request an exchange. It is usually necessary provide a thorough description of the reason you are seeking the refund. Websites are a great place to find guidelines for refunds. Examine them, and pick one that has the greatest flexibility.


This freebie can aid you in your quest to locate professional essayists to aid you in writing any kind of essay. If you’re a student needing help with a single assignment or a college student seeking the entire paper giving away a complimentary item is an excellent way to encourage the student to select a service according to the quality of work and price. Some essay writing businesses provide refunds. These assurances give you peace of mind. In addition, you may take advantage of your credits to buy other assignments.

Cheap Paper Writing is another option. This writing firm offers freebies on each order. All clients are entitled to free title and reference pages including plagiarism reports, formatting, and titles pages. The prices start as low as $10 for a single page depending on the kind of paper as well as the quantity of pages. The benefits include unlimited revisions as well as 24/7 customer how to write essays quickly service.

The writing services they provide guarantee top professional work. The writing companies employ writers who have degrees from universities and are able to pass rigorous examinations so that they can guarantee top quality work. Some writing businesses offer loyalty rewards and discounts. Their service to customers is exceptional. They have a staff of professionals that is available to help in any manner they are able to. In addition to freebies A reputable writing company is affordable and provides excellent customer support.

The reliable writing company will go to great lengths to ensure sure customers are satisfied. They’ll give you unlimited revisions at no cost for your project, in fourteen or thirty days. For large projects, revisions are absolutely gratis. For a request for a revision, visit the order for revisions page and type in your comments. A representative will be in contact regarding the request to revise should it be required. Revision requests must not conflict with the original directions and the terms of service.

Plagiarism report

If you are considering making use of a College essay writer service, it is important to know how to recognize a plagiarized paper. The way to essay writer identify plagiarism is by looking for a plagiarism report of the company you are considering. These companies typically examine the contents of your customized essay against billions of pages on the internet and other archives. Although some of these similarities aren’t significant, some are indicative of the same phrases used in different situations. Furthermore, plagiarism checking tools will be able to highlight sentences and phrases appearing in other sources.

An effective way of identifying a service that plagiarized your essay is by asking for a plagiarism report. The report is provided by a professional writing firm upon your request. Many professional writing companies will offer an analysis of plagiarism to help you avoid having to pay for an original paper. It is important to check whether you get a report that states that the essay contains an excessive amount of content that has been copied.

The most reliable writing companies will go to great lengths to help you and assist to make any necessary revisions. Certain companies offer unlimited revisions generally within 14 days but they will allow as long as 30 days for major work. If you’re concerned about plagiarism and want to request an amendment right from the order page. Just type in your feedback and make a revision request. Be sure to mention that the revision request must not contradict the original order instructions or terms and conditions.

Ordering a college essay service online should not be difficult. Complete a simple form and upload all the necessary files. Professional writers will offer to write your paper and provide service. Based on the price and their experience select the top. When you have placed your buy a essay order, you’ll capable of downloading it and ask for revisions. A plagiarism report will aid in determining if the paper was plagiarized.

5 Best Paper Writing Services Online

The online writing service offers numerous advantages. While they are economical, they typically are more professional and their writers have greater experience. They are known for producing high-quality work quicker as compared to other providers. This is the most effective option that you must consider.

Ivory Research

If you’re struggling with writing your college papers, Ivory Research is here to assist you. Ivory Research has been existence since 2005 and employed the best academic writers in the UK. They are well-educated and have plenty of experience and can follow the guidelines given by your professor. Your essay will be completed within the stipulated time. Furthermore, you will be able to look over the writer’s samples prior to placing an order. Ivory Research writers are committed to providing high-quality content. Additionally, they will provide proofreading or editing services if required.

Ivory Research writers follow all requirements and will complete your order on time. It is possible to communicate with them privately prior to paying. The essays will be original and they will double-check the accuracy before sending them out. Additionally, you can avail their free ten-day revision option to make any necessary changes in the paper. Furthermore, Ivory Research guarantees your complete satisfaction and provides plagiarism testing services. Every paper written through Ivory Research writers are plagiarism-free.

Ivory Research guarantees the originality and security of your documents. The papers aren’t resold to others, sold or distributed. If you’re not satisfied with the paper you received, Ivory Research will allow the request of free revisions. Option of selecting your own writer is also readily available. Ivory Research writers are well-qualified and can handle all academic topics. They are able to provide a superior paper which meets your expectations.

99 paper

A trusted essay writing service, such as 99 Papers offers you a an array of writing options. Their professional writers are skilled and hold qualifications from prestigious universities. It also comes with numerous payment options and 24-hour helpline. The standard of service is unmatched in the industry, and 99Papers offers numerous discount opportunities. Additionally, you can use their live chat service to help you.

Prices: All prices are clear on the site. The prices are shown as a price per page and depending on your academic level, deadline, and type of task 99 Papers is able to write your paper for a price that suits your budget. There is the option of negotiating the price for your entire order. Be aware that prices may not be refundable if you’re dissatisfied with the finished product. It is good to know that 99Papers provides a guarantee of money back to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase.

99Papers their commitment towards customer satisfaction is an additional positive. Customers can submit up to three revision requests free once their work is done. If your essay is more that 20 pages this period is extended by 10 days. Also, 99Papers doesn’t offer revisions on papers of less than twenty pages. If you’re in need of further revisions it’s necessary to buy another piece of paper. This could incur additional charges.


If you’re struggling complete your essay, it is possible to solve the issue at 1Essay. 1Essay provides expert assistance to students with the help of MBA graduates who can manage all kinds of writing assignments. There is no need to worry about plagiarizing since they will provide high-quality and original written content. Also, their pricing is reasonable. One hour deadline is just one of their services that is rated as top quality. A team of MBA experts can assist you to write an essay.

1Essay has a major advantage that you are able to use the credit card you have to make payments. It’s very easy and secure and also helps in building credit. Your card can earn you reward points. It is important to be aware that there are disadvantages to making purchases using credit cards. The cost of premium paper is PS480, and a standard paper is priced at PS290. It is possible that you will have to pay greater than you’re entitled to.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results is provided, then you are able to get free changes. The company also provides a money-back promise for any work they do not like. PaperHelp’s authors are highly educated and work diligently to meet deadlines and not compromise on the quality. You can also contact them round-the-clock for help. Additionally, you will be able monitor the progress of your work.


EssayBox is an excellent option to buy an essay on the internet. EssayBox can provide a wide range of academic writing services including editing and research. Furthermore the company also provides an exclusive and safe service. EssayBox is committed to its customer’s relations and holds them to the very highest standards. It ensures that the papers are of high quality they are written in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and that the content is original. EssayBox can be reached by email, text message, or the customer support panel. EssayBox provides 24/7 customer support.

The service is reasonably priced and provides a rewards-based program for their loyal customers. Every time you shop with them, you earn Rewards Points that you are able to use for the purchase of your next order. Also, you will get discounts for the first purchase. The prices overall are very reasonable, and the grade of paper is high. Though there have been mixed reviews, most customers were satisfied with their services. The high-quality paper has earned the firm an excellent reputation.

EssayBox gives customer support as an additional benefit. EssayBox offers 24 hours of customer support and toll-free phone numbers for customers from abroad. It’s also possible to contact EssayBox by mail, Messenger, or live-chat. They even provide no-cost revisions. However, there are downsides to this service, despite the reasonable prices. The most important thing to take note of when you purchase from EssayBox is to make sure that the documents they send you are of high standard and will be delivered at the right time.


The website of GradeMiners is a great source of writing assistance. These documents can be either low or average, with some not being original. Papers provided by Grademiners may be poorly structured and lacking in quality. A poor customer service experience is also a possibility. Customer service can assist you if you have any concerns with your documents. You may not find this solution to be suitable.

Grademiners will allow you to order the paper which you want prior to allowing you to proceed to purchase. The type of writing service that you require will be determined by the type of paper that you need. You can choose from various types of papers, each having its own requirements, deadlines and levels. Grademiners can also let you decide which service is the best fit for your needs, after which you can proceed to the payment area. An author will begin work on your project after you have confirmed your payment.

The process of graduating can be a costly endeavor, and GradeMiners can be a good option to consider when you’re trying to discover a cost-effective way to find a writer to write an essay. In reality, the costs for GradeMiners begin with just $9/page. The cost of their work are also affordable, and they provide free revisions. Check out their price comparison before making your final decision. GradeMiners provides a huge range of pricing.


It isn’t easy to locate an online writing service that matches Ultius in its quality however, Ultius has unique advantages. While their writers are competent, their prices have to charge aren’t as cheap as the other companies. Though they give unlimited revisions and money back guarantee, they offer great benefits. However, the caliber of their work is not always top-quality. Although they have a modern design for their website it’s not a sure-fire option.

Although Ultius is a legitimate writing service, there are many who have complained about the in-house writers’ lack of training to complete tasks in the most efficient time possible. Ultius’ management team is relatively new and inexperienced, so it is hard to determine when a forthcoming project is scheduled to be launched. Writers who have been with Ultius for longer periods tend to be more efficient and productive. Following the completion of a specific range of assignments Ultius offers writers development opportunities.

Another benefit of Ultius’ writing services is its transparency. There is plenty of details on their site along with some free examples to help assess their work. The business offers financial aid and grants to those who meet the criteria. Ultius is completely transparent and does not tolerate plagiarism. They will respect the privacy of your customers. If you’re planning to write for money, then you need to have an idea about the type of work you want.

The Best Research Paper Writing Services

Find the right company if have trouble finding an outstanding research paper writing company. This article will go over PaperHelp, EssayBox, GradeMiners and JustDoMyEssay. Contact our writers for any other queries. Our experienced writers are ready to assist you with any questions or provide a customized research papers that were made out of the ground up. JustDon’tForget as well as PaperHelp are great choices.


PaperHelp’s research paper writing service ensures the best quality of papers. PaperHelp’s professional writing team can pick the top writer to complete each assignment. Every order is subject to an initial anti-plagiarism screening PaperHelp’s quality assurance department guarantees that the final paper meets every customers’ requirements.

Prices for these papers are reasonably priced and flexible and the business offers discount rates for new customers. The first-time customers receive an 5% discount and a starting price at $10 per sheet. PaperHelp’s prices are reasonable and definitely worth it So don’t be afraid to try PaperHelp. PaperHelp cannot aid you with writing an excellent essay, but it’s an experienced and reliable writing business. PaperHelp is the leading supplier of academic documents.

The writer you select is based on your budget. PaperHelp’s writers are English well and are at least three years of professional experience. PaperHelp is a very affordable service and the price for a research essay that has a two-week deadline begins at $12 per page. And PaperHelp will give you a 100% return if you’re not satisfied about the final product. Its customer support representatives are always available to assist you through the entire process.

PaperHelp has money back assurances along with unlimited revisions. PaperHelp also offers refunds if your paper has not been received within the stipulated timeframe or has plagiarism. All you need to make to get a PaperHelp essay is to fill out online a form that details the specifics of the paper. PaperHelp provides a cost calculator that will let you calculate how much your paper ought to cost. The average price of a high school paper is approximately $12 per page, and that price for a Ph.D. dissertation is about $24.

Pricing for PaperHelp research papers vary according to the kind of paper required. PaperHelp’s rates range from $10 in high school essays from 24 to $48 for PhD.s. PaperHelp offers a complimentary sample along with a 10% discount on first-time customers. PaperHelp uses bidding systems to make sure that you can select the best writer. Request a research proposal, an outline or even a complete essay.


The process of choosing a research paper writing process isn’t easy however, if you’re on a deadline and don’t want to write a paper on your own, then make use of GradeMiners. It has an easy order process. You just sign up on the site and select the kind of paper that you want, and tell it what degree you’re at. You can also list the style of the essay and its deadline.

GradeMiners also provides proofreading and dissertation writing assistance. Unlike some other companies that offer only one kind of paper, GradeMiners can create anything from a high school five-paragraph descriptive essay, to writing a Ph.D. dissertation in the field of physics. In addition, they offer various types of papers to suit different academic levels as well as types. They offer reasonable prices and are simple. Their site lets you view the pricing ranges and processing times.

Whether you need to write an essay for college or you just need to impress your teacher, GradeMiners research paper writing service can assist you in meeting your needs. You can make your payment using the Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. In addition, the company offers discounts all throughout the all of the year. You can sign up as a customer and receive 15 percent off the cost of your paper If you’re a returning customer, you can get even more discounts. For the most current coupon codes, please visit the website.

The prices for GradeMiners are quite affordable. They complete 97% of their assignments within the specified time frame. They’ll even offer partial refunds if they fail to do so. However, there is an additional cost. It could cost you $11 for every page, based on how long the document is and how many revisions that you submit. Therefore, ensure that you have the money before you start. You may be required to settle late charges if you don’t.


You’ve come to the right place for online research writing firms. EssayBox connects you to the finest academic writers. It makes it easy to place orders and receive them in time. You can reach the company’s customer service 24/7 for help. Contact them through messenger, email or live chat. If you’re unhappy with the final product, you can always request a partial or full refund.

Customer feedback on EssayBox is generally positive, and customers have praised the high-quality of their papers. Although there are some issues concerning the service including late deliveries as well as low-quality papers Most customers are pleased with the order they received. The cost starts with $11.4 for High School assignments and increases to $17.1 for those who have completed their last year. This is an extremely reasonable price. You won’t get to know the writer until you place an order from them. This could cause problems if you require urgently to write your piece.

The business is also renowned for their high-quality papers and client service. The writers at EssayBox are Ph.D.-level professionals in different writing subjects, so they’re prepared to take on any type of academic project. In addition, you have access to 24/7 customer service and a comprehensive list of warranties. EssayBox is able to help students with every type of research project, whether it’s for a class or your final dissertation.

Even though the majority of research papers written services are of high quality, prices can vary drastically. Look at the price of your paper, and then determine whether it is priced in accordance with high quality. Be aware that a price increase doesn’t mean you get a better product. Compare prices to make an educated choice. If you’re not satisfied it’s possible to ask for the refund. It is possible to request a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with the paper’s quality. The customer service team of the business is friendly and will make sure your requirements are met.

EssayBox provides superior customer support and premium quality papers. The staff is native English speakers to write an essay with no grammar or spelling errors. If you’re looking for a cheap writing service, EssayBox isn’t the answer. Prices are reasonably priced. Do not wait until the last minute before placing your order. You’ll be glad you did.


JustDoMyEssay is home to the top writers to complete your research assignments The company adheres to the strictest standards of morality. The writers they employ go the rigorous test to prove their degrees as well as their experience. It is possible to verify their identities or previous orders to establish their proficiency as native English speakers. To make things even easier for you, they pay special attention to every detail and provide your essay promptly.

JustDoMyEssay offers a guarantee of the quality of their work and offers free revisions of up to two weeks. You can also have them correct any major issues for free. Also, you can request an entire refund in the event that you’re not satisfied with your essay or discover any plagiarism the work. JustDoMyEssay offers a full refund policy for customers who aren’t happy with your paper.

JustDoMyEssay The writers are thoroughly vetted and are highly qualified. They are graduate students in various disciplines as well as thousands of additional writing assignments for students. They incorporate a variety of sources into their study They are also always mindful to stay clear of plagiarism. They guarantee that they will not use their paper and offer free revisions within ten days. Their prices are very competitive. JustDoMyEssay writers know how to write essays, and they do it well.

JustDoMyEssay Writers will adhere to the tone and style of their customers. They’re also willing to work on projects that aren’t typical including research papers as well as theses. JustDoMyEssay is capable of producing top-quality documents. But, it’s crucial to thoroughly study the writer in order to confirm the accuracy of your directions. JustDoMyEssay writers have years of knowledge and will ensure that you receive the highest grade possible.

It is possible to select from an array of academic assistance offered by JustDoMyEssay Their writers possess a vast amount of experience and expertise. There is no way to be late as they’ll supply you with a report on plagiarism. They’ll provide you with high-quality term research papers. Our writers won’t copy your writing, and they’ll respect your requirements to the letter. JustDoMyEssay writers will be able to follow your guidelines and integrate multiple sources in your paper. Your instructors will be thrilled with your completed product.

How to Buy Cheap Research Paper Online

It’s simple to purchase an academic paper from an organization. When you’re ready purchase a research paper from a writing service there are some steps that you should follow. In the first place, you need to provide every detail about the piece of work you’re required to write. That includes the subject, length and due date. After that, you have to select a writer to complete your paper. You can either choose to talk with a specific writer or chat with several writers in order to discuss your purchase. The writer who spends the most time to complete your purchase will send you your paper on time.

JustDoMyEssay has a broad selection of academic writers who have their skills and expertise to write your research paper. They can assist you with all types of academic papers including essays, as well as case studies. Additionally, they can help you with interviews, research papers, and lab reports as along with editing and proofreading services. The entire process can be done within the deadline you’ve given. JustDoMyEssay provides the possibility for you to communicate with the author directly to ensure that the paper you receive is flawless.

The firm offers various payment options for orders of more than $500. These projects that are priced higher are typically more detailed and complicated as well as Ph.D. degree projects. JustDoMyEssay assures customers that their personal information remain secure. Secure billing is one of the features of their website which protects customer data. This means that the brand name will never appear on your statement.

JustDoMyEssay offers a 100% refund guarantee. You can request a refund when you’re not pleased with your research or don’t agree with the content. The firm will pay back all of the amount in the event that the writer misses instructions, plagiarizes or commits major errors. The company will also rectify any copied content within your paper for free. uses only experienced writers. The company also safeguards customer rights. If you’re unhappy with the standard of the essay and you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund if you can show proof of an error. The website is also easy to navigate through and looks stunning. You may have to wait for your piece of writing to come in. If you don’t have enough time to finish it then this may not be the right choice for you.

The EssayShark team is trusted and knowledgeable, which is why they can help you write your essay, report, to submit for the interview or lab. If you’re having trouble writing your essay, seek help in edits and proofreading. The help will make sure that the essay is distinctive. Then, you can search online for proofreading and copy the first paragraph. If it’s similar or similar to the other article, seek out the original source to determine if it’s free of plagiarism.

Essay Mills

The initial step for finding a good essay mill is knowing what you’re looking for. Most students don’t realize that many essay mills provide inadequately written papers. They’re known for supplying low-quality work But what exactly can they do to differentiate their services from other research paper services? Below is a list of many ways that these companies can be differentiated. One of the easiest ways to spot an essay mill is by looking for an email address. The majority of mills provide an email address to their clients. Students must pay for discounted rates until they purchase an essay.

Some students may find it hard to admit to being a victim but it’s quite possible that the essay mills are the only option to achieve the top scores. These firms don’t consider academic reputation. They’re in business to make money and their clients’ reputations depend on it. For this reason, it’s crucial to pick the right company who cares about its standing and the caliber of its products. If you go with a firm with a strong commitment to its reputation and the academic accomplishments of your students then you will get a top-notch piece of work.

Another reason students should stay clear of essay mills is their low quality. Even though their essays may appear to be plagiarised, the quality that they produce will be poor. Students may not be able to pay for high-quality writing, so they might end getting a bad quality grade. Students with little time or funds could find this particularly difficult. What is it you should be looking for when you are looking for an essay mill?

Prices for the essay mill will vary depending on the level of expertise and knowledge. A 10 page essay could range from PS10 up to PS350. So, while the cost may seem low, it is actually not. It is still a good option to cut down on time when you are unable to finish the task yourself. Be aware, however, that serious consequences can be associated with plagiarism. If you’re found guilty of running the use of a mill for your essay, your school could be expelled.


Need a quality research paper at a low price. PaperMasters research papers can be purchased at an affordable price of $17.55 per page. The price varies based on the time frame and the amount of pages. Expert writers are employed by the company. They possess the expertise as well as the knowledge required to construct complex layouts, perfectly formatted along with references pages. Their customer support team is on hand at all times to be by your hand to provide assistance with your questions and concerns.

EazyResearch is a professional writing company that helps you write top-quality research papers. The authors at this company are highly educated and experienced. They have the ability to write research papers on any subject as well as deadline, subject, and. The business offers affordable pricing for high-quality research papers written by native English users. However, make sure that the final version you receive will not contain any plagiarism and adheres to the highest academic requirements.

Numerous websites provide research paper writing assistance for a low cost, However, some are scams. For example, some of these sites are completely free online and they will even write your essay for you. The chances are that you might not get an excellent paper if the writer doesn’t have the proper expertise. Additionally, these papers are usually written by unqualified writers, and there’s therefore chances of plagiarism. If you want to write a perfect piece it is possible make additional payments for revisions.’s writers are experienced and have many years in academic writing. The cost of simple assignment is just $15 per page. The business offers discounts to new customers, as well as a loyalty program designed to reward loyal customers. EazyResearch also offers guarantees on money back if the paper you submit doesn’t meet your timeframe. It’s a major benefit especially when your deadline approaches. This service will ensure that you won’t be late when you utilize it to write your research paper.


When you’re trying to purchase a research paper online A legitimate company cannot ever post your essay online. EssayPro is one such company. There are more than 1,400 writers who are on their roster. it is possible to choose the ideal writer for your paper by viewing a convenient catalog. Select the topic and then wait for writers to offer their assistance. Additionally, you may ask for a free plagiarism report if you are still uncertain regarding the authenticity of the writer.

If it’s about pricing, EssayPro offers some of the lowest costs within the market. If your essay is shorter than one pagelong, it’s possible to purchase a custom essay at a cost of $7. This essay is custom written and comes with unlimited revisions and plagiarism reports for no additional fee. Support is offered anytime, this is an advantage for anyone who needs to contact an essay writer. An originality report for free can be obtained.

The site of EssayPro is simple to navigate, and it looks good even on mobile devices. They offer a referral scheme and offer a money back guarantee. They take payment through a variety of methods and let you sign up without having to make an order. The site looks genuine, despite the high price. If you’re a brand new customer, there is the chance of getting an offer. Also, you’ll be eligible for a 5 percent discount on your first registration as a client.

If you’re unhappy about the high-quality of the essay, then you are able to request a refund. The time frame for a refund on an essay can be anywhere from 14 to 30 days based on the length of the piece. You are always able to request a reimbursement, even in the event that you downloaded the document before you received it. A revision can be requested however, this could incur extra costs. It’s still beneficial, particularly in case you’re worried about plagiarism.

EssayPro’s rates are extremely affordable, but you need to be wary. The prices appear to be to be low. The main page of this site says the price per page is seven dollars. However, it’s important to note that this price doesn’t include any tax. Make sure you order at minimum 5 pages. The cost of each page will decrease if you go over that deadline. Also, be sure to have at least a few hours to spare in your budget prior to you make your purchase with EssayPro.

Write My Essay Cheap – 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Writing Service

There are numerous ways to locate a reasonable solution to assist you in the writing process. The writing service you choose to use will be chosen on the basis of its price, writing quality and turnaround times, or the two. This post will cover some of the key factors to think about when picking which service to use. Find out more about the 3 factors that should determine the quality of a option is the best choice according to your specific needs.

Selecting a writing service

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an original essay, or just a revision. What is important is to locate an experienced essay writing firm is paramount. You may be living on a strict budget as a student but not have the funds to pay an essayist who is professional. But, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise quality or style. There are many ways to get a product which is affordable but not inexpensive in terms of the quality. There are many ways to find low-cost writing assistance using a search engine.

It is also possible to look up online reviews of the business which you’re contemplating hiring. Find testimonials of clients who have been with them for a while. You should ensure that they were pleased with the services they received. If reviews were positive then they’re probably a good place to start. Make sure you review the author’s track record. If they’re skilled in that particular field and you want to know more about the writer. If the writing firm offers live chat it is possible to connect with them to discuss your project.

The writing service you purchase for your essay requires communication. Be sure to can establish a direct line of communicating with the writer, or customer service representative. If communication fails it is possible that the entire process will get off-track. These can cause issues which can lead to bad performance that can make the person feel guilty for spending your money. Do not want an essay that is poorly written. Be sure to check out the reviews online for a better idea of whether the service you’re considering is the best one for you.

It is also advisable to look over the testimonials from previous customers. They will allow you to evaluate the experience of past clients. Look for reviews of satisfied clients to check how many positive reviews are posted. Be sure to get your essay done by a professional. Be sure to check if they guarantee their customers their privacy. Don’t submit your order if completely satisfied with the service’s guarantees.

The quality of the writers

If you are looking for an essay writing service that is affordable which can provide quality work Be sure to verify whether the writer is of high quality. It is important to select one you can count on to work on your thoughts and take note of what you have to communicate. Customer service as well as the standard of the writing should be good enough to make you return to get more. It’s important to determine whether the organization offers no cost revisions.

The writer must possess a solid background in the field as well as an excellent writing background. The writer should hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. with the ability to conduct extensive research. Money back guarantees are another thing you need to look out for. It is also important to ensure that the author has evidence of their skills, like a college diploma and/or course certificate or a certificate. You can be sure you will receive high-quality work for a reasonable price.

Your writer will be available via the site. The best essay writing services provides a sample for you to study before you submit your request. If you’re not able to locate an essay writer you can connect with, consider using services like GradeMiners. This service has consistently excellent rating on Trustpilot, which means you’ll be comfortable with GradeMiners. GradeMiners has a lot of satisfied customers. Contact GradeMiners should you have doubts.

An essay service that is reliable will use writers of different levels. Additionally, they should permit their clients to talk with the writer directly , and monitor the progress of the order. It is also essential to communicate directly with your writer by using Instant messaging. Search for businesses that provide periodic updates, if you’re unable to communicate with your writer. Many writing agencies allow their customers to speak to their customer assistance representatives, or assistants.

If you’d like to have your essay written by a professional you’ve worked with you can find one who has experience in your field. It is always best to seek the help of a professional instead of trying to compose it yourself. You can rest assured that your piece will be top-quality. A top writing service will not charge a lot and include the writer’s pay and other expenses. Furthermore, the best essay writing relies on extensive investigation and time-consuming task.

It’s time to change the direction.

It is important to be aware of the deadlines when purchasing cheap essays. If you want your work within less than a weeks, then you might want to consider making use of a service such as EssayBox. They have native English-speaking writers and ESL specialists. The style of writing you need is also available for you to choose. EssayBox has excellent customer support. They also offer high-quality work at a low fee. The only drawback for these providers is their website, which cannot be navigated easily.

A reputable company will offer unlimited revisions and refunds. A reputable company will offer a plagiarism check and format your paper using different formats. Also, they should provide 24/7 customer service in case you have any concerns you be able to answer. Quality services should provide an unrestricted plagiarism report, and will be able to assist with any question. The turnaround time plays an important role in the decision of the decision to go for a particular company.

If you are using a low-cost essay writer, look closely at the writing style. If you’re happy with the speed of turnaround and the quality of work, you can be sure that you’ll be getting an excellent essay. The majority of companies employ academics and professionals with the appropriate qualifications, but it’s better to select those who can communicate in English because it is their first of language. If not do this, you will have a lower-quality product. Besides, check the writing style of the writers as this will affect the grade of your essay.

GradeMiners is another well-known company offering high-quality content at a reasonable price. The business employs more than 3500 writers and is located within the United States. Its low prices and top-notch customer support make it an ideal choice to write last-minute assignments. The customers are covered by 100 percent money back warranty. If you’re searching for a quality paper cheaply, GradeMiners offers 24/7 customer support.


The cost of writing essays varies depending on how complex and lengthy the task is. Although the most affordable essays are readily available, higher-level papers will price you significantly more. They are also some of the cheapest essays following by college level as well as PhD-level essays. The writing services you pick You can anticipate to be charged anything from just a few dollars up to several hundred dollars. Learn more about the costs you will pay.

Do your homework before you make a commitment to a cost-effective custom essay service. Avoid the first company that comes into Google. Google search. Be sure to look for websites that have good reviews. You must adhere to security guidelines while selecting an agency. If you are unsure check out the reviews on the website to steer clear of fraud. You may not receive your order for several days.

The cost for hiring a professional writer varies greatly according to the urgency and complexity of the assignment. Many writers charge anywhere from $15 to $150 per hour. However, there are some businesses that charge as high 500 dollars per essay. So, it is important to know how much you are able to afford as well as what kind of materials you need to complete the assignment. It’s important to do some research prior to hiring writers. There are many options to choose from, so make sure you pick wisely.

When selecting an essay writing business, you should take a look at their standing. There are many firms you can trust, however, there is no guarantee that they will deliver quality papers. If you’re not satisfied with your essay, all credible essay writing services will refund your money. Furthermore, many of them provide no-cost revisions. This is an excellent advantage since even professional essay writers make errors and need to be rewritten.

Essaypro Evaluation For 2022

Sorry, I don’t know your name but the essay you wrote totally saved my English grade. We strive very exhausting to be objective, providing the nice, the dangerous, and the ugly as fairly as potential in our critiques. In this case, nevertheless, there may be little to be mentioned for any “pros” with Pro Essay Writing. Additionally, there are hidden charges that are added on as you progress via the buying course of; fees that do not present up on the pricing record on the website. The on-line world means you can be a student from anywhere across the globe. That’s why we work 24/7 to assist you and be prepared to assist out whenever you need it.

They notice how essential it’s to deliver a paper on time and by no means take an order if there are no writers obtainable to complete it. Our money-back coverage ensures up to a 100 percent refund if one thing goes wrong together with your essay. We know how to present the best service in the marketplace, and we won’t allow you to down figuring out that our experts can cope even with essentially the most subtle assignments.

Your personal data remains safe, and we take the identical steps to guard your paper. Our clients get what they pay for and extra — it’s what reliable means. Entrust us along with your essay writing task to get things accomplished. Your privacy is 100 percent protected with our strict confidentiality assure. Deadlines ought to be taken very critically, since being in a position to submit your papers on time might be additionally one of many main the purpose why you chose to order a paper on-line.

That’s when extra assist could be probably the most useful tactic to save heaps of nerves and meet the deadline with a high-quality paper. I thought that an argumentative essay on governmental health care might be a challenge, however my writer nailed it like a pro! You can benefit from discounts, and they don’t appear to be seasonal. Our low cost system works every day and for each customer.

Reach out and place your order and luxuriate in the assistance of a verified professional in your particular field. You principally put in an order with some instructions, and then an entire… Choose needed standards and filter the evaluations to see feedback out of your peers.

You also can change direct messages with essay writers 24/7. All of our essay writers have 4+ years of expertise in writing essays of any sort and complexity. We guarantee our service is amongst the finest and most dependable available on the market by recruiting actual professionals. If you outsource a microbiology project or a movie evaluation to our essay writers, rest assured it will be assigned to a topic-relevant author solely.

I was exceedingly skeptical relating to essay writing sites. After ordering essay right here, I acquired a superb A paper. Most importantly, I noticed how passionately everybody on this tutorial writing firm does their job.

We know that as a student, you must manage lots of issues on a restricted budget. Therefore, typically getting quality writing assistance is difficult for them. We perceive that many students fall into the lure of free essays or free custom essay writing companies because they can not afford to work with highly-priced services.

Essaypro Evaluation For 2022

Sorry, I don’t know your name but the essay you wrote totally saved my English grade. We strive very exhausting to be objective, providing the nice, the dangerous, and the ugly as fairly as potential in our critiques. In this case, nevertheless, there may be little to be mentioned for any “pros” with Pro Essay Writing. Additionally, there are hidden charges that are added on as you progress via the buying course of; fees that do not present up on the pricing record on the website. The on-line world means you can be a student from anywhere across the globe. That’s why we work 24/7 to assist you and be prepared to assist out whenever you need it.

They notice how essential it’s to deliver a paper on time and by no means take an order if there are no writers obtainable to complete it. Our money-back coverage ensures up to a 100 percent refund if one thing goes wrong together with your essay. We know how to present the best service in the marketplace, and we won’t allow you to down figuring out that our experts can cope even with essentially the most subtle assignments.

Your personal data remains safe, and we take the identical steps to guard your paper. Our clients get what they pay for and extra — it’s what reliable means. Entrust us along with your essay writing task to get things accomplished. Your privacy is 100 percent protected with our strict confidentiality assure. Deadlines ought to be taken very critically, since being in a position to submit your papers on time might be additionally one of many main the purpose why you chose to order a paper on-line.

That’s when extra assist could be probably the most useful tactic to save heaps of nerves and meet the deadline with a high-quality paper. I thought that an argumentative essay on governmental health care might be a challenge, however my writer nailed it like a pro! You can benefit from discounts, and they don’t appear to be seasonal. Our low cost system works every day and for each customer.

Reach out and place your order and luxuriate in the assistance of a verified professional in your particular field. You principally put in an order with some instructions, and then an entire… Choose needed standards and filter the evaluations to see feedback out of your peers.

You also can change direct messages with essay writers 24/7. All of our essay writers have 4+ years of expertise in writing essays of any sort and complexity. We guarantee our service is amongst the finest and most dependable available on the market by recruiting actual professionals. If you outsource a microbiology project or a movie evaluation to our essay writers, rest assured it will be assigned to a topic-relevant author solely.

I was exceedingly skeptical relating to essay writing sites. After ordering essay right here, I acquired a superb A paper. Most importantly, I noticed how passionately everybody on this tutorial writing firm does their job.

We know that as a student, you must manage lots of issues on a restricted budget. Therefore, typically getting quality writing assistance is difficult for them. We perceive that many students fall into the lure of free essays or free custom essay writing companies because they can not afford to work with highly-priced services.

Get Write My Essay For Me Help At Affordable Rates!

Instead, it is best to work with somebody who supplies quality at an reasonably priced rate. We perceive that it can be tough to deal with when deadlines are approaching shortly. Thus, the smartest way to deal with this case is by hiring one of the best skilled essay writers! This saves time and ensures you get work done on time. Pay for faculty essay writing on a reliable and efficient web site – Essay Writer.

Even although our writers write essays fast, they preserve excessive accuracy. You will end up with a high-quality and plagiarism-free fast-written paper. Our writers can do your essay, research paper, e-book review, case research, time period paper, thesis, and 25 extra forms of assignments.

The choice of the right performer in your essay is a accountable task. If you find the right person, it often turns into the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. We will work on your project until you are fully glad with it. To show that it isn’t a mere empty promise, FreeEssayWriter provides 14 days of free revisions for your customized paper if it doesn’t meet your requirements. You can addContent instructions and necessities for your order in your Customer’s space.

We look forward to cooperating with you, so don’t delay. Reach out and place your order and luxuriate in the assistance of a verified professional in your specific area. You principally put in an order with some instructions, and then a whole…

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Read the reviews, together with the evaluations on impartial platforms like TrustPilot to study extra about the high quality of providers you’re going to pay for. Team is extraordinarily proud to have MA and Ph.D. degree holders, too. If something goes mistaken and the paper doesn’t meet your expectations, we assure full a refund. Another customized author can be assigned immediately, too. Writing a dissertation or thesis just isn’t an issue for Pro Essay Writer specialists.

Students who’ve tried skilled paper writing companies as quickly as affirm that dwelling up with a workload becomes simpler when using this service. With skilled writers, you may get a quality custom paper that will assist enhance your academic grades. It’s safe should you select a protected paper writing service to help you. Given that many students search for essay help at present, it turns right into a profitable enterprise for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to strive.

Finally, earlier than being despatched to a customer, each paper undergoes an in-depth anti-plagiarism verify with particularly developed software. That mentioned, we do not use Turnitin to stop content from being red-flagged. Keep in mind that you could request a plagiarism report at any moment; this an Extra service that comes at an extra value.

It is absolutely legal to rent an essay writer for your tutorial assignments. Moreover, it is thought of to be the most secure choice to work with them as a result of they will help you obtain the greatest possible college essay author service. We will first assign a subject-matter professional to work on your paper. The writer will look at provided instructions and begin the writing process. Our company follows acknowledged tutorial requirements and adheres to the formatting tips requested by the shopper. In addition, we use solely credible databases and ground our analysis on related, acknowledged sources.

What Is A Five Paragraph Essay?

Our group of versatile writers are in a place to format your paper based mostly on the popular style. We are consultants in APA, MLA, Chicago, or another fashion. We by no means get something mistaken as far as formatting and referencing is concerned. We merely don’t air arguments with out enough research-based assist.

The thesis will determine the argument she’ll make through her analysis and provide readers with a preview of the essay’s main points. Without a correctly formatted thesis statement, Connie’s essay is doomed to failure. Since Connie has three physique paragraphs to make her argument, she’ll want to verify she has – that is proper – three main points or one for every paragraph. If you choose to restate the thesis or summarize the essay’s major ideas, write a new summary of you phrases without using the identical words you used in the introduction or the physique paragraphs. Remember not to introduce new, unrelated ideas within the conclusion.

This sort of essay was separated from all different types with a sole purpose – educating students concerning the idea of the essay by working towards it’s most basic structure variant. Even although any type of essay can have 5 paragraph – from adefinition essay to story-based narrative essay; 5 paragraph essay isn’t restricted to the method. It would possibly seem like some other essay, however the structure is the king here. Each physique paragraph has to have a topic or thought which one means or the other supports your title.

Five-paragraph essays are incredibly useful in two situations — when writers are simply beginning out and when a writing assignment is timed. After such an in depth consideration of the 5 paragraph essay writing process, the task seems to be as easy as falling off a log. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll begin enjoying this process. Unfortunately, only a handful of students have good writing abilities and like writing essays and other tutorial papers. In most instances, students are so exhausted by the large quantity of homework that each new assignment set by the professor plunges them in despair more and more.

Follow that outline, formal or casual, and don’t get off observe. Such a map will make sure that the points to be made comply with in a logical sequence and embody all of the element that ought to be included. The Guardian has a short information to getting your college students debating.

It is utilized in most exams, such because the TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT. Since most of those exams limit students’ time on the “Writing” section of an examination, college students are trained to memorize this format. This allows college students to answer the examination prompt shortly and efficiently. Once you grasp that, transfer into the wild world of e-book essays or descriptive essays. Find a link between all three concepts to reveal in what way they show your essay’s thesis.

Capybaras are a dog-sized animal with coarse fur, native to jap South America. They’re recognized across the web as the friendliest animal on the planet, however there’s lots of misinformation about them as pets. They’re considered an unique animal, so lots of legal restrictions prevent folks from owning them as pets, however it’s time to reevaluate these legal guidelines. Here’s a five-paragraph essay example, so you can better perceive how they work.

If you’re typically new to writing, the essential five-paragraph essay define is an effective place to begin out. It enforces some much-needed self-discipline for novice writers. Otherwise, every little thing you write will sound awkward and lack the proper flow we’ve usually come to anticipate from the items we learn. Each of the body paragraphs will discover one of the arguments supporting the thesis assertion as laid out in the introduction. The first paragraph of the body ought to comprise the strongest argument, most significant example, cleverest illustration, or an obvious starting level. The first sentence of this paragraph ought to include the “reverse hook” which ties in with the transitional hook on the end of the introductory paragraph.